Meet Our NERDS

Lord Brad Brad

Lord Brad Brad, a.k.a. Brandon, was raised in a NERD house. Learning to play video games and Magic the Gathering as a way to encourage reading and math, Lord Brad Brad never stood a chance to be anything else.

Lord Brad Brad's day job keeps him busy as a federal employee but his spare time if filled with video games, Magic the Gathering, anime, and anything else NERD.

Lord Brad Brad's favorite things:

  • Favorite Video Game Genre: JRPG
  • Favorite Video Game: Dragon Quest 9
  • Favorite Anime Series: Code Geass
  • Favorite Anime Movie: Princess Mononoke
  • Favorite Magic the Gathering Card: Kaalia of the Vast
  • Favorite Dungeons & Dragons Class: Barbarian


Riorik, a.k.a. Gary, a.k.a. Lord Brad Brad's father, is a life-long NERD. Fascinated by computers as a child in the 80's (yes, he's that old!), Riorik became a self-taught IT NERD among other things. A gamer from a young age, Riorik's gaming experience spans the dawn of Nintendo through the birth of Xbox and all the way to current generation consoles. Having worked in the video game industry, Riorik has "lived the dream" of getting paid to play games.

In his spare time, Riorik/Gary is also a published author who writes fantasy/sci-fi fiction. Many of his books are inspired by video games and his favorite D&D campaigns he played with his friends.

Riorik's favorite things:

  • Favorite Video Game Genre: JRPG
  • Favorite Video Game: Final Fantasy VII
  • Favorite Anime Series: Dragon Ball Z
  • Favorite Anime Movie: Ninja Scroll
  • Favorite Magic the Gathering Card: Emrakul, The Aeons Torn
  • Favorite Dungeons & Dragons Class: Paladin

More information about Gary's books can be found on his website and on his Facebook page.