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Lord Brad Brad and Riorik host their podcast about all things NERD. Tune in and listen as this father/son duo discuss their love of Magic the Gathering, Dungeons & Dragons, anime, comic books, movies, and more. Join in on the conversation by following the podcast on social media where you can leave feedback on recent topics from the show or even suggest future topics.

Meet Our NERDS

Lord Brad Brad, a.k.a. Brandon, loves anime, JRPGs, and loves designing and building decks for Magic the Gathering. Riorik now bows to Lord Brad Brad's deck design ideas as the student has become the master.

Riorik, a.k.a. Gary, is a lifelong gamer who loves JRPGs, MMOs, and Magic the Gathering. When he's not constructing D&D campaigns, Riorik is also a writer. Check out his fantasy books in The Ascension Legacy series.